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Thanks for applying to become a full member of DelSolUK. Full membership allows extras benefits and this will unlock other areas of the forum such as the service and TransTop manuals.

Full details of this can be found here: DelSolUK full membership.

Membership costs £10 but you can also use this to make donations for other amounts too. You will only become a full member if your payment is £10 or more AFTER PayPal fees are deducted.

2017 annual membership renewals for current members is £5 AFTER PayPal fees are deducted, these are due by March 31st 2018.

If you are paying for membership then please add your forum name to the comments or 'Instructions to Merchant' section on paypal this way we can match the payment to your forum account.

Please be aware that upgrading your account to full membership is a MANUAL process which has to be authorised, we are usually pretty good at this but sometimes it may take up to 24/48 hours.

If you have paid and the account is not upgraded after 48 hours or if you need access to a manual quickly then contact an administrator.